Leave of Absence

  • Punctuality and attendance: Pupils must be punctual for class without the written permission of the principal / vice principal. No pupil may absent himself without obtaining prior permission. Absence will be indicated in the Attendance register in the following ways.
    • If the student has submitted a leave letter "L"
    • If the student has submitted a sick leave with medical certificate "S"
    • If no leave letter is submitted "A"
  • No absentee should enter the class without the written permission of the principal / vice principal. In case of sickness or any unavoidable circumstances, the principal must be informed in time along with a medical certificate
  • A student absenting himself from school for one week in succession without permission will be marked “Left”. He / she will not be re-admission as matter of course. If he / she is to be re-admitted he will have to pay a re-admission fee of Rs.500
  • Any type of leave application should be addressed to the principal and should be in the prescribed from only
  • Absences of all kind have to be explained by the parents or guardians by means of an entry in the space provided in the diary
  • A student absenting himself on the reopening or closing day of the term or after special holidays like Christmas, Deepavali, Pongal, Mariamman festival, etc., will have to pay a fine Rs.50/- for each day of absence. Absence without prior permission or proper authorization will also be charged with a fine of Rs.50/-
  • Absence from school during test / examination will never be condoned except in the case of illness
  • Application / medical certificate for leave on examination day for the pupils should be personally submitted to the principal / vice principal by their parent on the same day. The school conducts no re-test or re-examination
  • Any student who fails to secure 85% attendance during the academic year is liable for detention from the final examination
  • As a general rule not more than one day of leave of absence shall be granted for the wedding of a close relative or any social function. (three days, when far from salem)
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