About School

1820 - In 1820 at Ruillie sur - Loire, Le Mans diocese, France,Fr. Jacques Dujarie founded the Brothers of St.Joseph

1835 - Upon the death of Fr. Dujarie, Fr. Basil Moreau succeeded Jacques Dujarie as the Superior of the Brothers of St. Joseph. He transferred them to a place called Holy Cross (Sainte Croix) in LeMans

1837 - On March 1st, Fr.Moreau united the priests, whom he has gathered under him, and the Brothers of St. Joseph, by the fundamental act which marks the foundation of Congregation of Holy Cross.

1852 - Holy Cross Brothers, Sisters and Priests reached Dhaka in Bangladesh.

1960 - Three French Canadian Holy Cross Brothers: Godfrey Danis, Louis Leduc and Donald Nadeau took up their residence at St. Theresa's Industrial School, Maraveneri, Salem - 7, to establish the Holy Cross Brothers in Tamil Nadu.

1963 - Holy Cross School was started with 5 boys as the first students and Bro. Donald Nadeau as the first principal. Bro. Louis Leduc was the builder of Holy Cross School.

2008 - Notre Dame of Holy Cross School (CBSE) was started with 453 students from LKG to Std IV.

2011 - In the month of December the School got affiliated to CBSE.

2012 - The School had 1,700 students enrolled.

2013 - The School has enrolled 1849 students.

2014 - The School has enrolled 2021 students.

2015 - The School has enrolled 2178 students.

2016 - The School has enrolled 2410 students.

2017 - The School has enrolled 2511 students.

2018 - The School has enrolled 2663 students.

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